Feng Shui is found in Chinese tradition and is studied as a way of balancing nature’s principles with human life.

It is often mistaken as only a way of interior decorating. But Feng Shui is much more than just a tradition or a belief. Its origins and practices go back thousands of years and its principles have spread around the world.


This video is in three parts.


By Mia Swart.

Part One: People have different interpretations of what Feng Shui entails. Often it is mistaken as a purely Chinese tradition or practice but Johannesburg-based Feng Shui consultant Christine Park said its principles had once been known around the world in ancient times.
Part Two: Christine Park explains why people would turn to Feng Shui. She says Feng Shui requires serious study and is not a practice to be undertaken lightly.
Part Three: Sean and Jacqui Fandam are a couple who have applied Feng Shui in their lifestyle, at home and at their place of work. They believe that their practice of Feng Shui has brought them better fortune.