This video is about the Sen family. The Sens are a modern Chinese family living in Johannesburg who understand Chinese tradition in three very distinct ways. Dad, Teddy Sen, is a traditionalist who believes that tradition is something his family should hold onto and make an effort to practise. In contrast, mom Joy Sen is a modernist. She doesn’t see it as necessary to follow Chinese tradition. Their daughter Nicole Sen is caught ¬†between these two worlds and has her own ideas about traditions. In this video we meet them and see how they find common ground regardless of their ¬†individual beliefs.

This video is in three parts.

By Nomatter Ndebele.

Part One: In this video we meet the family and find out what each of them thinks of tradition.
Part Two: A Q&A session with the Sen family. We ask them the same questions and compare their different responses.
Part Three: The rest of the Sen family joins us and talk about the possibility of young Nicole marrying a Chinese boy.